Rock 'n roll Adventures

Attention Rock 'n Roll Adventurers:

Our boss has booked us a gig in Atlantis City! Wanna come? Cool! Keep an eye out for an Electric Eel Guitar :)

Now playing: "20,000 Volts under the sea"

suggested donation: $5

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Our heroes have just booked an undersea gig at The Neptune Theater in Atlantis City. One problem - they don’t know where it is…oh, and they need to find an electric eel guitar (okay, two problems). After heading off in their submarine, they meet (and play) many musical sea creatures. During the quest, they find themselves pitted against a hungry fish and their jealous, ex-bandmate, Disco Don. They also meet a friendly Blues Whale (named BB), the legendary funky Rocktopus and their old friend, Skankin’ Ja. Will his wise words help them navigate the turbulent AC/DC current and find their way to Atlantis City? Will the band catch the elusive electric eel guitar and party it up at The Neptune, or will Disco Don sabotage their show?

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come back july 22, 2020 for "tour to the center of the earth"!

You never know what you might find once you start digging. That’s what the BWB learns in this rock & roll adventure! In this under-earthly saga, our heroes have dug into a quest to find the earth’s center, where there’s a big gig booked for them (or so they think!). Along the way, they discover a strange world full of fantastic plants, and characters – and inadvertently save this beleaguered realm from an environmental disaster through the power of music. Our subterranean travelers soon learn they’re way off course, but with help from some new friends, and by keeping their chins up, everybody learns something: you never end up exactly where you intend, but if you help each other and be positive, your journey will be everything you could wish for!