Rock 'n roll Adventures

Attention Rock 'n Roll Adventurers:

Our boss has booked us a gig at Earth Center! At least that's what we think the note said. Anyway, wanna come? Cool :) Grab a shovel and let's start digging!

Now playing: "Tour to the center of the earth"

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You never know what you might find once you start digging. That’s what The Brian Waite Band learns in this rock & roll adventure! In this under-earthly saga, our heroes have dug into a quest to find the earth’s center, where there’s a big gig booked for them (or so they think!). Along the way, they discover a strange world full of fantastic plants, and characters – and inadvertently save this beleaguered realm from an environmental disaster through the power of music. Our subterranean travelers soon learn they’re way off course, but with help from some new friends, and by keeping their chins up, everybody learns something: you never end up exactly where you intend, but if you help each other and be positive, your journey will be everything you could wish for!

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come back october 1, 2020 for "battle of the bands"!

The Brian Waite Band has decided to take a vacation to the fantastical country of Rockmania. They have heard wonderful things about their King Elvis and the musical race of people who live there. However, when they arrive, they discover that the cities of Lowburg, Beatborough and Fastopolis are having an argument about how music should be played. Each city thinks that their way of playing music is the best, and that they are simply better than the others. Lines are being drawn and instruments tuned up for a musical battle to see who will rule the country! What will happen? Which group will rule Rockmania? Will Brian, Todd and Clif help them to realize that working together and playing in harmony makes for a better and happier country? Come join The Brian Waite Band on this adventure and find out!