Concert Reviews

"You guys are fricking awesome!" - Lauren Woodmansee, City of Marysville, WA

CD Reviews

 “this very energetic album will have children dancing in the aisles.”
- School Library Journal 

“I’m impressed. The songs are first-rate.”
- Dave Zinovenko, WPKN Radio

“Thank you for the great music. We’re running Bumbo and Supercar. Bumbo is hilarious!”
- Kenny Curtis, XM Satellite Radio

"Very well crafted (Bumbo). Good melody and accessibly easy for kids to sing. You don't talk down to them, and the lyric is engaging. You're having a great time and I'm sure it's infectious. You guys do great work. I can't think of a single thing I'd change to make it better. Excellent!!!"
- TAXI, A&R Department

“I will be adding tracks 5,7 & 10 from Musicmaker. Thanks for the great children’s music!”
- Karyn Laudisi, Music Choice Cable Radio

"Music and melodies are clever and fun! Excellent songwriting."
- Great American Song Contest

"Thank you for the great music. We're playing All I See Is Good! and I'm a Kid regularly."
- Kenny Curtis, XM Satellite Radio

"The Brian Waite Band is one of the undiscovered talents of the northwest! I use their album often in my preschool class and the children love it! A big plus is that while the songs get stuck in your head from time to time, you don't mind. They aren't the sappy, sweet children's songs that you may be used to. The album is a teacher and parent favorite because it is music for families, not just children. There is a positive message throughout the CD that makes you feel energized. I recommend this to any parent or teacher who is looking for something other than Barney!"
- Preschool Teacher

"Few bands can master multiple musical styles and even fewer can aptly combine them in the same collection, but The Brian Waite Band does just that. Each of the 11 songs has a different style that perfectly fits the theme and feel of the lyrics. Whether it's the toe tapping, head nodding energy of the rockabilly tune "Can't Sit Still" or the retro, groovy beat of "Where in the World?," the trio hits all of the right notes. The songs feature subjects that every child can relate to in a style that every adult can appreciate from the reggae flow of the "Pirate Ship" to the kiddie rap of "Smelly" to the country feel in a tale about cowboys and cowgirls, "Swingin' Their Lassos." Also included is the interactive tune "Tambourine Says Ching!" that will be fun in a classroom setting. Children and grown-ups alike will want to listen to this must-have collection."
- Veronica Schwartz, School Library Journal, October 2007

"I've been playing "Pirate Ship" quite a few times. It's one of the best pirate songs I've heard. Congrats on a super recording."
- Dave Zinovenko, The Carousel on WPKN Radio

"This whole album (20,000 Volts Under The Sea) may be a deep-sea rock opera, but each track from the cornucopia of funky guitars and island-style beats easily stands on its own, too. And when these guys crank it up to 11, as in the anthemic 'Tidal Pool Party', we defy you to sit still." - Cookie Magazine

Library Program Reviews

 “The Brian Waite Band’s performance at the Canyon Hills Library was one of the best for children that I have ever seen. Not only were the members great at getting the kids involved with the music and movement, but they were able to get the parents dancing as well. These guys truly love working with children; their dedication was make apparent by how generous they were with their time even after the performance was over. The quality of their music was excellent as well. I give The Brian Waite Band my highest recommendation for a library or school performance.”
- Carla Schick, Canyon Hills Library, CA

“Thank you for the marvellous program! You know it’s a hit when all of the library staffers are crowded around the door. We can’t wait to add some of your music to our storytime repertoires.”
- Maren Ostergard, Bellevue Regional Library, WA

“You three are dynamite with youngsters! I don’t think I have ever seen a group have more fun! You know what kids and parents love and have a wonderful way with them! You had a clever way of incorporating books into your program, too. We look forward to having you come again!”
- Margaret Martin, Mercer Island Library, WA

“What a grand time we had with you and the band! The music was enjoyable and rambunctious in the way of all good children’s music. We had a great audience of over 120 who took every opportunity to jump in and dance. We look forward to hearing more from you.”
- Elizabeth Overmyer, Berkeley Library, CA

“The kids were dancing from the get go on this show. The band demonstrated good humor and extensive audience participation. It is a delight to see and hear a band that combines such good musicianship with an understanding of what kids enjoy. The performance was superb.”
- Peter Ford, Gresham Library, OR

School Assembly Reviews

Teachers told me it was the best assembly we had had for years! The students were 100% engaged in the performance. The BWB did a great job of making things fun and interactive, while still teaching simple profound lessons. It was one of the few assemblies that captures the interest of all students from Kindergarten through 5th grade.
-Jane Hansen, Purdy Elementary School Teacher

Thank you for the great assembly yesterday. It received great reviews from staff and students. Of particular note was one of our students who "has issues," and benefited from his time on was a great self-esteem boost for him.
-Jim Rudsit, Purdy Elementary School Principal

Thank you for the awesome assembly.  Our students were so jazzed and excited.  We particularly enjoyed the interactive piece when you got the kids (and Mr. Ballard!) on the stage.  It's one of those assemblies where students can really have fun.  Teachers and students were all inspired by your enthusiasm!  
-Kris Petersen, Lynden Middle School Principal

Fan Reviews

  We have a ton of kids CDs - most of which I can't stand. But we got this one about a week ago after we saw them play live, and my 3-year-old has insisted on playing this CD contstantly since then. I've never seen him so taken by a CD. I thought it was pretty good when I got it. Clever songwriting and catchy tunes combined with strong musicianship. And after a week of hearing it played several times a day, I'm not even sick of it yet! Highlights include 'River of Life,' 'Under the Sea,' 'We All Make Mistakes,' 'Bongo Baby,' and 'Peace.'

“It’s about time someone has the talent and originality to write music that not only children love but adults love as well. It is positive, encouraging, upbeat, unique, funny and thoroughly WONDERFUL!! Brian really knows children.”

“Brian Waite knows children! He has compiled songs that not only entertain, but teach and encourage my 3 year old (since he was 1!) and his friends to get up and participate. He chooses themes and words that instill confidence and power in my child. The songs are actually good original music, none of the hokey kid-jingle or ripoff tunes. My husband and I laugh and sing along. (Sometimes I listen without the kids.)”

"'Can we listen to Brian?' Every time we get in the car that's the first thing we hear. Both my two year old and seven year old love this CD! The songs are engaging, funny and appeal to adults as well as children. Brian knows exactly how to activate the imagination and my kids are always acting out the songs and dancing in the back seat. What could be better than an entire family grinning and singing All I See is Good! at the top of their lungs? Highly recommended!!"