Unwrapping Rock 'n Roll - A school Assembly!

The Blues, Hard Rock, Country, Jazz, Reggae, Zydeco, Salsa, Calypso, Funk, Hip Hop, Rock-a-billy ...  we hear these musical styles on the radio and on our computers.  We love this music.  It makes us sing and move and feel great.   
But what makes this music tick?   How does it "work"? 

In this assembly we explore a range of musical genres with kids, teaching them about what makes musical styles different.  They learn about different instruments, melody and harmony, lyrics, rhythm, attitude, fashion, history, and culture - all the ingredients that make musical styles unique.  And then we put it together with kid volunteers on the stage ... and in the mix! 

This assembly is appropriate for students in grades k-8.  For k-5 it runs 40 minutes.  For middle school it runs 50 minutes.

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Teachers told me it was the best assembly we had had for years! The students were 100% engaged in the performance. The BWB did a great job of making things fun and interactive, while still teaching simple profound lessons. It was one of the few assemblies that captures the interest of all students from Kindergarten through 5th grade. 
-Jane Hansen, Purdy Elementary School Teacher 

Thank you for the great assembly yesterday. It received great reviews from staff and students. Of particular note was one of our students who "has issues," and benefited from his time on stage........it was a great self-esteem boost for him. 
-Jim Rudsit, Purdy Elementary School Principal